Course description

Chinese 223, Spring 2017, Kauke 244, TR 2:30-3:50

Wednesday and Sunday 7-9 pm for screening

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This course studies 26 narrative films produced in the last two decades in the PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as texts of self-representation in which the Chinese reinvent themselves as well as their past. These films that depict Chinese urbanization, colonial experience and global diaspora–reshape Chinese cultural values and identity. The course is taught in English but open to interested native speakers. All the lecture notes, paper assignments, and quizzes are available in Chinese as well. Comments made in Chinese are welcome in classroom discussions, and the ability to comprehend the films in the original language (and local dialects) is a plus. If written in Chinese, your essays are graded according to the same criteria and standards of excellence as in English: clarity, articulation, diction, organization, development, and coherence.