Films to view

All or most of the films have been put on closed reserve in the library and available, either in VHS, DVD or VCD format, for individual viewing throughout the semester. I strongly encourage you to join group viewing in our classroom every Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 7-9 p.m. This is because that:

“Any physical materials that are used from the library will require a 3-day quarantine when they are returned.  That means, if a student checks one out for individual viewing, when they return it, it would be 3 days before the next student would be able to check it out.  If you showed the film in class, that would eliminate most if not all of the individual film viewing which would make the 3-day quarantine less of an issue except for students who may want to view it again on their own or who missed it in class.  They would need to plan their use of the DVD with the 3-day quarantine in mind.”

In the final exam, you are expected to identify film clips and elaborate on their significance, including providing psycho-narration for clips.