Amour questions

Vive L’amour, 1994 dir. Tsai Mingliang

  1. What is the purpose of the minimalist aesthetics, no music, dialogue or plot? 你觉得蔡明亮导演为什么要采用极简主义或者省略主义的审美观,整个电影没有音乐,没有剧情,没有对话?
  1. All three youth, Xiao Kang, Ah Rong, and May Lin, try to sell things no one is interested in buying, which brings into question the meaning of their existence in Taipei as a consumer society. Do you agree with Tsai’s critical view of consumerism as utterly devoid of meaning? Explain. 如果小康、阿荣、和林妹所要推销的东西都没有人想买,这说明台湾的消费文化有什么样的问题?你同意吧同意蔡明亮对消费文化的看法?
  1. What does the director do to show the emptiness of modern life in Taipei? Give at least five examples. 请给出五个例子说明台北的现代都市生活缺乏目的和意义。
  1. Why does Xiao Kang, trying to sell empty space for the dead in a columbarium (a holding place for the ashes of the dead), want to commit suicide? 为什么小康卖灵位卖着卖着就想自杀?
  1. All three are chain smokers; what does it signify? 这三个年轻人都是烟民,一根接着一根抽。这说明什么?你怎么解释?
  1. How do you interpret the fact that sometimes telephones ring but the ensuing phone conversations make sense to even the interlocutor? 在故事中我们常常听到电话铃响,看到有人在讲电话,但有时连进行通话的本人都不太清楚他在跟谁说话或者说的是什么。这说明了什么?
  1. When Xiao Kang goes back to his office to look for apartment keys, what are his colleagues, presumably fellow sales representatives as well, doing? How do you interpret the scene? 小康回他的工作单位去找公寓钥匙的时候,他公司的同事们正在做什么?你怎么解释这一幕的意思?
  1. What does the columbarium salesperson tell his customers interested in buying the holding cells of different sizes? How do you find his remark? Interpret it in the context of the story as a whole. 在骨灰灵堂的推销员如何向大家推销尺寸大小不一样的灵位?你是怎么理解他的话的?在整个故事中,这一幕的意义是什么?
  1. Why does Tsai arrange for all three people in the same apartment but not meet up? How do you interpret their ghostly and lonely existence as lost souls? 导演为什么安排三个年轻人同时都在一个公寓里,而又相互没碰见?他的意思是什么?
  1. What does Tsai want to communicate to the viewer by having May cry over five minutes long at the end?  导演为什么让林女士最后一个人在空荡荡的公园里哭了5分钟?
  1. Sex is important to all three characters who are young and sexually active to some degree; how meaningful is sex to each of them in whatever form, solo, heterosexual, homosexual, or anonymous? 对于三个年轻人来说性是他们生活中重要的一部分;他们的性生活怎么样,又意义吗?不管是同性的、异性的、还是单独的?
  1. How do you think of Tsai Mingliang’s film aesthetics, as well as his treatment of the subject matter? 你怎么看待蔡明亮艺术手法和他对主题的处理?请说明。