Food Sex questions

Eat Drink Man Woman, 1994 dir. Ang Lee

  1. In Chinese, the title simply means food and sex, which Mencius (372-289 B.C.) thinks are part of human nature. But how to eat and have sex is a matter of culture; list different attitudes in this regard in modern Taipei as seen in this film. 题目饮食男女出于《孟子》,是说食欲和性欲是人的本性。而怎么吃,如何做爱,却是一个文化问题。请举例说明影片中人物对饮食男女的不同的态度。
  1. It seems that one of the ways in which to talk about people and things as “modern” or “traditional” is the degree of self-denial or self-sacrifice with regard to desires for sex and food. How direct or indirect are people’s attitudes towards self-enjoyment in the film? “传统”与“现代”之分也反映在一个人对食欲和性欲的控制;在故事中你看见哪些这种自我控制和放纵?
  1. Name the mediating cultural values that inform the way people go about looking for food and sex, Confucianism, Christianity, bourgeois individualism, puritanism, etc. Specify the moral concerns that retard and/or valorize (liberate) human desires. 请指出传统儒家,基督教,资产阶级个人主义,等思想流派对人们欲望的文化影响,谈谈它们如何限制或者解放人的欲望。
  1. In what respect do Jia Ning and Old Chu constitute two extremes? 谈谈朱老伯和佳宁在哪些方面代表了两个极端。
  1. In what respect do Jia Qian and Old Chu change into one another? 谈谈朱老伯跟佳倩如何互补和互相转化。
  1. How does Ang Lee playfully deconstruct the image of Old Chu as a traditionalist who represents the mastery of cultural sophistication when it comes to the etiquettes of cooking food and sexual enjoyment? 谈谈李安是如何解构朱老伯这个传统人物的;作为一家之长,他原来应该在食欲和性欲方面做出表帅,但后来呢?
  1. Is Jia Qian, the second daughter, modern or traditional, or a hybridity? Discuss her attitudes towards food, sex, and social success as a woman. 佳倩到底很现代还是很传统?请谈谈她对性与饮食的态度。
  1. What do the three daughters need to do to be virtuous in traditional cultural context in the family when the father is a widower? Likewise, what does a good father need to do with three young children after his wife dies? 作为一个传统中国家庭,在三个女儿的母亲已经死了之后,孝女应该怎么做?同样,在丧偶丧妻之后,一个合格的慈父应该怎样做?
  1. What are the cultural expectations of each member of a traditional Chinese family in Taipei? How should everyone prioritize things such as loyalty and obedience to the elders in poor health, obligations and duties to youngsters, honors to the memories of the dead, respect for colleagues and friends, sexual fidelity, etc.? 谈谈在一个传统家庭的每一个成员应该如何做到尊老爱幼,谦虚谨慎,忠孝仁义,坚守妇道?
  1. In is the case in a modern Western society, how does an average individual normally prioritize hierarchize these values? How do the Chu family come down in in terms of these values? 而在西方社会,这些传统理念和价值观的轻重缓急应该是什么样的》?朱老伯是怎样努力去按照这些价值观安排自己的私生活的?
  1. How do you like the way Ang Lee stages and choreographs cultural conflicts in Taipei and the way he negotiates differences Taiwanese experience? Is his message one of optimism or pessimism? Explain. 李安在故事中怎样探讨中西方的文化对立的?他对中西方的文化差异描述得好不好?李安在这方面的态度是乐观的还是悲观的?请举例说明。