Get Home questions

Getting Home, 2007 dir. Zhang Yang (Shower director)

  1. The journey home brings Old Zhao into contact with all kinds of people. What type of country is China as seen through the eyes of these people and through the problems they have? Explain. 回家的一路,老赵遇到了许许多多的陌生人; 在他们的眼中,中国是一个什么样的国家?
  2. As a character created by the director, is Old Zhao a public nuisance or the moral conscience of China that Zhang Yang wished his country had? Explain. 老赵是一个不受欢迎的人还是导演张扬心目中中国人的良心?请解释。
  3. How do you interpret the scene of the bus robbery, especially immediately after the robbers left with nothing taken from the passengers? 你怎么解释劫车的幕?特别是在劫匪离开之后,救了大家财产的老赵被所有乘客赶下车?张扬想说明什么?
  4. What is revealed in this scene about post-socialist China? 这段节片说明后社会主义时代的中国到底是一个什么样的社会?
  5. What is director’s message from this scene in which Old Zhao is beat up at the restaurant? 你怎么理解老赵吃完饭被饭馆的人打了一顿这一幕
  6. Please compare and contrast the two characters in this clip: their clothes, their concerns, their social status and economic class, their short-term goals and moral character. 请对比一下这段节片里两个人物的衣着、所关心的事情、他们的社会地位、经济情况、生活目的和道德价值观。
  7. Why is Zhao arrested while giving blood? 为什么老赵在献血的时候被逮扑?
  8. Why does the old man fake his own death and arrange his own funeral? 有钱老人为什么人还没死就花钱为自己办丧事?
  9. As an allegory of China’s move towards a free market economy, the film helps the viewer understand the new core values of post-socialist China. Identify what they are.
  10. How do you interpret the ending in which Old Zhao is unable to return home the ashes of his friend Old Liu? 你是怎么解释影片的最后一幕,老赵不能帮他的朋友老刘“落叶归根”?