Happy Together questions

Happy Together, 1997 dir. Wang Kar-wai

  1. Best describe the nature of the relationship between Ho Po-Wing and Lai Yiu-fai. Is there a pattern for the way the two interact? 你怎么描述黎耀辉和何宝荣两个人的关系?他们之间的关系有一个什么样的模式?
  1. What are the reasons the two accidental tourists are in Argentina besides their haphazard and random goal to visit the Iguazu waterfalls? What are they running away from or to? 这两个旅游者去阿根廷除了去看南美的大瀑布之外还有什么目的?他们在逃避什么?去发现什么?
  1. What is the reason for Chang, a Taiwan expatriate, to be in Argentina? What does he have in common with Lai and Ho? 台湾小伙小张去阿根廷做什么?他跟黎耀辉和何宝荣有哪些相似的地方?
  1. In 1997 when Hong Kong reverses to China, after over a century of British colonial rule, the relationship between China and HK is perhaps just as torturous and problematic as that between the two gay men. By the time Lai returns to HK, who dies? Why and how is it relevant? 香港在1997年回归中国大陆。作为一个前英属殖民地,香港跟中国大陆的关系不比何宝荣与黎耀辉的关系更好。黎耀辉回香港之前,谁死了?这跟整个故事有什么关系?
  1. Airplanes always return to the airport for fueling and maintenance. People can be like that too; who is the airplane and who the airport? 飞机都得飞回机场加油维修。人也是一样。在这个故事中谁是飞机,谁是飞机场?
  1. Why does Lai’s father in HK refuse to talk to him and hangs up the phone when he calls him from Argentina? 黎耀辉的父亲为什么不愿意接儿子从阿根廷打来的电话?
  1. If the relationship of Ho and Lai is any indication, what is the relationship of HK and China going to be like after 1997? What is needed for a reconciliation to take place between Lai and his unforgiving father, and between the former British colony and PRC? 黎耀辉和何宝荣的关系为你了解1997后香港和大陆的关系提供了哪些启示?黎耀辉跟父亲重新言归和好容易呢,还是香港与大陆关系正常化容易?
  1. What do you think of Ho as a person who seems self-destructive at times? Is there any chance for him to have a normal relationship with anyone when he is so prone to run away in order to be free from his problems? 你怎么看待何宝荣这个非常成问题的人?有人能跟他建立一个正常的朋友关系吗?
  1. Are Iguazu waterfalls a symbol of something? When people travel as tourists, what are their reasons to pick a destination? Are the problems they run away from more important than the destinations they run towards? 阿根廷的大瀑布似乎是一个象征;你觉得它象征什么?对旅游者来说,选择旅游目的地的理由一般是什么?对何宝荣和黎耀辉来说他们想逃避的问题是不是要比南美的大瀑布更重要?
  1. What does Chang do when he reaches the southern tip of South America? 台湾的小张在他到达南美最南端之后做了什么?
  1. What is the reason for Lai to agree time and again to “start over” with Ho when the two of them don’t seem happy together? 黎耀辉为什么同意跟何宝荣一次次地在重新开始,而实际上他们的关系并不幸福?
  1. What are conditions for achieving happiness in a free society (world)? Staying with the people to work out the problems or running away from your problems and starting a new life somewhere else? 在自由世界,幸福的先决条件是什么?面对问题解决问题,还是逃避问题开始新生活?