Happy together

Happy Together, dir. by Wang Kar-wai, Hong Kong, 1999


Ho Po-wing, a British national living in Hong Kong; a gay man in his mid 30s; travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina with his boy friend; lives the precarious life of a male gigolo; emotionally dependent and unstable; constantly in need of sympathy and care when beaten up; knows no life other than that of a social outcast or drifter running away from his problems by going to and living in other places as an expatriot

Lai Yiu-fai, a British national of Hong Kong and a gay man in his 30s; travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he supports himself by being a doorman of a tango bar, a restaurant dish washer, and a slaughter house night shift worker; feels emotionally banished and exiled from his father in HK while happy to provide care and protection to Ho; even steals Ho’s passport in order for them to stay together longer

Xiao Chang, a Taiwanese expatriot in Buenos Aires, traveling in South America as a way not to work in his father’s food stall in Taipei; works in various Chinese restaurants to support his travels to the tip of South America to unload all his problems; gifted in psychic ability to figure out what’s on people’s minds because of the eye problems in childhood days when he must rely on his sense of hearing to find out what’s going on around him