Peacock questions

Peacock, 2005 dir. Gu Changwei

  1. In what way is the title of the film meaningfully related to what happens to all three siblings? In what way is the ending, in which the peacock making an ostentatious display of its tail feathers only when no one is watching, analogous to what happens to each and every one of the three siblings whose inner beauty is never recognized and appreciated when they grow up? 孔雀这个标题对这个故事,特别是对兄弟姐妹三人来说,有什么意义?电影结尾孔雀是在观众走光后才绚丽开屏,这跟三个兄弟姐妹的经历有没有关系?有什么关系?
  2. What do the siblings say when the peacock is in no mood to spread its tail feathers? How do you interpret their remarks? 三兄弟姐妹在动物园孔雀笼边等待孔雀开屏时说了些什么?你怎么解释他们说的话?
  3. To a degree, all three children of the Gao family are misfits of some sort; do they possess qualities that redeem them as people you can relate and identify with? 在不同程度上,三兄弟姐妹都与社会格格不入,不合群。但他们有没有哪些优秀品质让你同情他们?
  4. Do the parents love them? Is there anything wrong with the way the parents discipline the children? 他们的父母爱不爱他们?他们对儿女的教育成功吗?请解释。
  5. What is the blind spot of the age or era in which the young children grow up during the 1970s? What does Gu Changwei suggest is wrong with the past in which he himself grows up? 顾长卫觉得他成长的那个时代有哪些局限性和盲点?请解释。
  6. As adolescents experiencing tons of growing pain, Wei-hong, Wei-guo, and Wei-qiang all have to cope with their sexuality that often lands them in embarrassing situations. Do you see cases of sexual repression as a bad thing because sex (human nature) is also the source of art, creativity, and spirituality? 作为青春期的青少年,三兄弟姐妹都从不同程度被性所困扰,感到羞愧。你觉得导演认为性压抑是必要的还是一种对人的想象力、创造力的扼杀?
  7. Why do you think Wei-hong’s admirer and man friend shoots his own foot after she drops her drawers? Why does she cut herself with broken glass? Why does she steal her mother’s money to buy beer and cigarettes for the PLA officer to interview her? In the context of the story, what do these details signify? 为什么追求卫宏的男人看见她脱裤子以后开枪打伤自己的脚?为什么卫宏偷妈妈的钱买烟酒给招兵干部?请分析。
  8. Why does the father push Wei-qiang out of the house? What does he find hidden in his homework? Why does the father slap his face? Interpret these details in the context of the story as a whole. 为什么卫强的爸爸要把他推出家门?他的作业里藏了什么?后来他爸爸为什么扇了他一个嘴巴?请分析。
  9. Why do Wei-hong and Wei-qiang want to poison their brother Wei-guo? What redeeming quality does he possess as an individual? 为什么卫宏卫强下想要毒死哥哥为国?为国有哪些好的品质?
  10. What statement or conclusion does Gu Changwei want to make about the 1970s that people living in that time were unable to make? Standing in what cultural tradition is Gu Changwei making a judgment about recent Chinese history? 顾长卫在2005年看到清了哪些他在70年代看不见的历史局限性?他是站在什么文化传统里反思近代中国历史?
  11. In his critical reflection of the past, how does the director negotiate the values and attitudes of contemporary Chinese society? 顾长卫是怎样借古论今的,用反思过去来商榷当今的文化价值?