Postmen questions

Postmen in the Mountains, 2003 dir. Huo Jianqi

  1. Is there glory in being poor and living in primitive conditions? The father says that those living in the mountains are descendants of fairies (仙); to what degree do you share the romantic and idealized view of rural China as more authentic than the urban centers? 经济和生活水平不发展可耻吗?你怎么理解父亲的看法:山里人是仙人的后裔,他们比城市居民更朴实和真诚?
  1. How does Huo Jianqi display rural China? Do you like the way he aestheticizes the life of those living in the mountainous areas and idealizes it as an egalitarian utopia? 霍建起怎样描绘山村的生活?你喜欢不喜欢他把落后的、经济不发达的山村生活理想化?
  1. Based on the conversations between the father and son who obviously have a generation gap, what values and attitudes do the father and son respectively represent? 通过影片中的对话,你看到父子两代人所代表的是哪些不同的价值观?
  1. In this initiation of the son into the father’s career as a postman, what does he gain besides the position and salary of his father? 当儿子接过父亲的工作时,除了一份工资以外,他还获得了别的什么?
  1. Produced against the backdrop of China’s urbanization, the film is bound to be a critique of the changes taking place. What kind of a statement is Huo Jianqi making when WuPo is left unattended and uncared for after her grandson moves into the city to attend college? 影片的问世无疑地是对中国的城镇化、现代化在进行一种评判和审视;五婆的孙子进城上 了大学以后就再也不回家看望把他带大的老奶奶说明霍建起对城镇化的什么看法?
  1. What’s father’s attitude toward modern technology such as cars, telephone, airplanes, transistor radio, and cassette player? 父亲对现代科技的态度是什么:对话、公交、飞机、录音机,等等?
  2. The Chinese title is The Mountain, the Man, and the Dog (那山那人那狗); what is the nature of relations between Man (people), Nature, and animals as depicted in the film? 影片的题目涉及到人与动物界,人与大自然的关系;说说这些关系的性质是什么?
  3. How do you interpret the scene where the son teaches the father how to interact with people in town/city to which he is retired, as opposed to previous scenes in which the father introduces the son into a community of rural folks living in the mountains? 父亲退休了,是儿子教他以后怎样在小镇上与人相处;不再是前边父亲把儿子介绍给山里的老乡们。你怎么分析导演的意思?
  4. Why do you think this film appeals to the urban viewer? 你觉得这部影片城里人会不会喜欢看?为什么?