Thieves questions

A World without Thieves, 2004 dir. Feng Xiaogang

  1. Buddhism is a belief that Buddha lives inside everyone however imperfect he or she is; it is just a matter of time for one to realize his or her Buddha nature. In the film, how and in whom does this awakening take place? 佛教认为每个人心中都有佛,认清这一点只是一个时间的问题。电影里谁有这种顿悟,不再贪婪?他/她是怎么认识佛的?
  1. The countervailing ideology at play is of course the myth capitalism / consumerism that says, among other things, that human desire is good because it drives the individual to be productive and creative when free. Which characters represent and act out these values in the story? How? 另一个神话是资本主义和消费主义的神话,把人的欲望和贪婪看成是社会生产和进步的动力。这些行动的价值观是由谁代表的,是怎样表现出来的?
  1. Which character is like Buddha that he cannot be harmed in a world full of predators? What happens to him or her? 谁像佛头火眼金睛,刀枪不入?他代表哪些品质?
  1. What does female thief Wang Li do after she gives birth? Where does she go and what does she do with her new born? Explain the significance of the ending. 女贼王丽把她男友王博的孩子生下来以后去哪了?为什么?请解释。
  1. At the end when the credits come up, who are credited as the sponsors of the film? Do you see why they are willing to bankroll Feng Xiaogang’s film production? What scenes actually advertise the commercial products of the sponors? 电影结束后,我们看到演员表和赞助单位;请说说你在电影中的什么地方看见这些赞助商的产品。
  1. There is honor among thieves; in fact the team led by Uncle Li operates in ways not unlike how modern corporate culture to achieve maximum profit within the rules of the game. Absent from both is human compassion for the weak; describe Uncle Li and his “leadership” ethics. 盗贼之间也讲义气和信义。说说黎叔那一组盗贼跟盈利的私人组织在行动准则上有哪些不一样?
  1. Male thief Wang Bo is not unlike Song Jinming in Blind Shaft exercised by his own morals? How do you like Wang Bo as a character whose moral ambiguity defines a whole society, especially in this clip? 男贼王博玩世不恭,但也有道德意识,就像《盲井》中的宋金明。谈谈你对王博的看法,特别是在这个节片里。
  1. In the context of this film, how do you understand the remark by Uncle Li in this clip that “the most precious commodity in the 21st century is talent”? 你是怎样理解狸叔说的最后一句话?
  1. To what extent does society have an obligation to protect those like Sha Gen (Dumbo/Roots) unable to protect themselves from predators? 一个公正的社会应该做哪些事,从什么程度来保护和拯救像傻根那样的弱势群体?
  1. Is Sha Gen fair game if he is unable to protect his own money? 傻根的钱被偷社会有没有责任?