Vive L’amour

Vive L’amourdirected by Ming-liang TsaiTaiwan, 1994

May Lin (played by Kuei-mei Yang): a young real estate saleswoman in Taipei who has no personal life; spends her time smoking cigarettes, putting on and taking off makeups in front of a mirror, window shopping, and trying unsuccessfully to sell empty homes and apartments; occasionally has one night stand casual sex with men in one of the vacant apartments to which she has the key in order to feel less lonely, although she has her own car and own apartment

Ah Jung (played by Chao-jung Chen)a young homeless drifter with a car; also a street vendor of women’s clothes in one of Taipei’s night markets; has no steady friends or relatives; enjoys smoking cigarettes, drinking Budweiser beer, reading pornographic magazines, and having casual sex with women to whom he wishes to be no more than a stranger; steals one of May’s keys to the empty apartments she is trying to sell

Hsiao Kang (played by Kang-sheng Lee): a homeless youth with a moped and a crematorium space salesman; sexually repressed and psychologically depressed by his hidden homosexuality; steals the key to an empty apartment being sold by Miss Lin, and subsequently takes up residence inside; tries to commit suicide unsuccessfully once by cutting his wrist; spends his time smoking cigarettes, being a cross-dresser, and lusting after Ah Jung with whom he shares an empty apartment by accident


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